As the “glove” moves, the Hand Rover moves accordingly.

This semester, we began to think how we can improve our last year’s project: SnapBots. The SnapBots would stack and be connected manually by a user, and the next step, we thought, would be to have them remotely configure with a wave of a hand. And so, the Hand Rover project had been set into motion.

The Hand Rover is a robot that drives in all 4 degrees of motion, controlled by the intuitive motion of your hand. Fitted with an accelerometer, our glove can track gestures and send commands to the rover through Bluetooth. 

The rover uses the Mecanum wheel, an omnidirectional wheel that allows side to side movement through angled and wheeled treads, while perfectly moving forward, backwards, and turning right and left. 

The Hand Rover is a fun and intuitive way to introduce remote controlled robots to kids. They can experiment freely with the rover’s easy control and our gloves’ ease of use. We plan to improve the rover by allowing it to fly, to be able to move in all 6 degrees of motion, and we want to add a transforming mechanism that switches it from flight mode to ground mode. 

Since we are not able to meet at school, the Hand Rover is not fully assembled. Stay tuned for the final version of the project.