SnapBots are interactive, 3D printed robot cubes designed and built by the Makers Club. We have created different types of robots that can be magnetically attached to each other: light, battery, motor, and “filler” cubes. SnapBots can be assembled into your very own, customized robot.

The robots are designed with a four wire magnet system that allows them to connect to the top and sides of the other cubes. The cubes can be stacked and reconfigured!

The unique advantage of modular robots is that a robot is no longer an unmoving body; it can form into different shapes to adapt to an environment or perform given tasks. When smaller robots connect and communicate, construction, navigation and space technology becomes dynamic, flexible, and intuitive. Fascinated by the applications, we created SnapBots as our reconfigurable robotics system.

Interactive robots are also a fun, fascinating way to introduce concepts like circuitry through experimentation and play. With SnapBots, we attracted both kids and adults at the Faire to quickly assemble a light up, sensor driven robot. This year, we plan to create a new system that transmits data through connection.

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