Welcome to the 2020 Quarantine Creation Gallery.

During our time in quarantine, we challenged you to unleash your creativity: and we are so impressed with all of your awesome submissions! We are very proud of each and every one of you for challenging yourself to remain creative during this time. It’s so important to stay active and have fun with whatever you make. Keep creating, and we hope you have a wonderful summer! Check out all the submissions below, and click on the image for more info.

And our winners are:

Art Creations by Sriya Akella

My name is Sriya Akella, I’m in 7th grade, and I’m 13. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time and focusing on improving my art! Throughout quarantine, I’ve learned to be patient, precise, and enjoy making art! In the following emails are the pieces I’ve done over quarantine. Each one took me between 2-20 hours to do, so I hope you enjoy them!

Judge’s notes: We were blown away by the detailing , color, and realism as well as how many pieces Sriya had drawn during the challenge’s time frame.

Coffee Table by Rebecca Ko

Hello! This is my quarantine creation. I made a coffee table from scrap wood. 
Here are the materials I used: wood, wood glue, nail gun, metal table legs, brush to apply glue, clamps screws and screwdriver, and wood finish.

Judge’s notes: The table is perfect: it is functional and very polished! We were impressed by Rebecca’s skill and work on the coffee table made from scratch.

Minecraft world by Destiny Phamtran and Allison Ho

This project Allison and I made was a little fun trip of around the world since we are all stuck in quarantine. From the chilly Antarctica to the warm sand of Hawaii. 

Judge’s notes: Not only was the architecture of this world aesthetically pleasing, the world was coded and included train stations to tour the earth. We were very amazed with the scale of the world, too.

Wild West Model by Nicolle Wagner

An old western world with railroad tracks, saloons, and trains!

Judge’s notes: This model was entirely build from scratch; the world creation and details were very impressive.

Honorable mentions: Aria Manole (wolf sculpture), Eva Pei (dragon oc), Sofia Rios (scratchboard art), and Ryan Bean (Moldovian Pyramid), Joshua Thompson (music)

Creation Gallery

Video Submissions

Anime edit by @t.obar on Instagram

Plane CGI animation by Kushal Khare

Model of Valley Christian Schools on Minecraft -Austin Lord

Japanese village in Minecraft -Viraaj Gupta

Portable SDX Controller -Joshua Taylor

This project Allison and I made was a little fun trip of around the world since we are all stuck in quarantine. From the chilly Antarctica to the warm sand of Hawaii. -Destiny Phantram

This is a functional cardboard fan made with a motor. I was inspired to build this on a hot day. -Kevin Fong

Music submission by Joshua Thompson – Honorable Mention!

This is a little video of me being a magician through editing. -Lucas Pearce

I made a basketball hoop out of legos that will always go in if you the the back board or hoop, to go with it I made a golf cart to hold the basketball balls. I hope you like it. -Austin Lord

It is a catapult made from PVC pipes, rope, and a snowball launcher. -Isaac Wong

Dance Dance Revolution pocket edition -Kavya Khare

I made this pretty close to the start of quarantine, but I think I spent a lot of time on it. It’s a Minecraft Bedwars montage on the Hypixel Network. I used the song “Hey Look Ma, I made It” by Panic! At the Disco. -Jai Sanghrajka/SrirachaMC

Fortnite Montage -Srijay Vejendla